Welcome to the Cookshire fair!

From August 17th to August 20th 2017. The Cookshire Fair, what an event ! Whether it is to see the region, for those who are nostalgic of their childhood, those who want to escape, those who are eager to learn more about technologies, those who want to take a ride, to see the best 4 X 4 and horse pulls; the Cookshire Fair is for you !

Come and have fun with us!

News and activities


Our annual BBQ will be held on May 26th, from 5 until 8 pm, at the fair grounds.  Tickets available at the door or at Clarke and Sons in Lennoxville.  Adults: $18 Children 6 – 10 years old: $8 Under 6 years old: free. Come on, come all !

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Tractor pull by the ASTTQ

Tractor pull, Saturday August 19, 7:30 pm.  Registration between 4h30 pm and 6h30 pm the same day only.  Only the twelve first street pick-up accepted.  For further information you can contact Danye Garneau at 418-440-2889.  You can also see the page: http://asttq.net/infos-techniques/ Official tractor rules: http://www.expocookshire.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/2017-officiel-RÈGLEMENTS-TR.STOCK-ET-OPEN-1.pdf Street pick-up rules: http://www.expocookshire.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/2017Règlements-pick-up-de-rue-bilingue.pdf

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Farm tractor, open and local semi pull

Farm tractor, open and local semi pull, Friday August 18, 7:30 pm.  Registration 20 $ per class, maximum 2 classes by vehicule, between 4h30 pm and 6h30 pm the same day only.  There will be hitches available but you have to bring your pin.  For further information see the page: http://asttq.net/infos-techniques/ Classes: http://www.expocookshire.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/LISTE-CLASSES-TRACTEURS-SEMI.pdf Official tractor rules:

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